Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google Search Knows Me!

I am continually amazed by the number of blog readers that stumble upon me from Google Search.  I have a tracker that shows me where in the world my readers are, and from what link they used to get to me.

Yesterday was a particularly interesting day.  Someone from Las Vegas was looking for "Mormon Moms", and because I recently made a post about submitting my blog to a related list, Ardith's Quest showed up on their search results.  Someone from California searched "pitched their tents toward the temple".  You guessed it; my blog about preparing for General Conference showed up in their results, and they clicked on it.  The real surprise was someone from Senegal.  They had typed "love people" in the search field.  Would you believe my blog from yesterday about the "People who love me" qualified as something they may be interested in?  And I guess it was, because they went to Ardith's Quest to read more.  Astonishing.

But there is a hands down winner from Google Search.  There have literally been people from all over the world that have looked for "A Family is forever, eternally together".  Occurring almost daily, someone will search for that and be directed to my post about that favorite family song.

What does it all mean?  Well, probably nothing.  But it is fascinating for me to realize that there are far-reaching effects from me sitting down each day to share a little of myself with whomever wants to read it; that the thoughts I send out into the world are in reality reaching and connecting with someone.  I find that particularly gratifying.


Sara said...

WOW! that's really cool!

Kim said...

That's pretty amazing!!

Laura said...

That's awedsome! I'm glad people are finding your blog because you're very inspiring!