Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are You a Good Guesser?

When someone hands you a gift, and says, "Guess what it is!", they REALLY don't want you to guess correctly.  They are so certain that their gift is so well considered and planned that it surely will be the ultimate delight and surprise.  They are certain you could never guess what they have so carefully prepared.

I remember one such occasion many years ago on Mothers Day.  I was probably nine or ten, had carefully taken my budget of one dollar into town on my bike in Cedar City.  I carefully considered the perfect gift for my beautiful mother.  I remember walking up and down the displays at a handful of stores, and then as though a light came on, I discovered the perfect gift that was within my limited means.  I put my treasure in my bike's basket and rode home, convinced I had purchased something which would delight and surprise my mother.  I found a box, wrapped it, and hid it away for the big day.

With great pride, I presented it to my mom, confident that in its uniqueness, it was the perfect surprise.  So, of course, I challenged her to guess what it was.  She carefully shook the box, evaluated the weight, and finding it to be as light as a feather, she guessed the most random thing she could think of:  "A feather duster!"  she guessed. 

"Who told you?!!!"  I was crushed.  I knew that someone must have divulged my grand secret, because who could possibly have ever guessed such an unusual gift?  My mother genuinely felt terrible for her random, yet correct guess because she could tell I had been so excited about my surprise.  You see, that is how mothers are.  They recognize the importance of seemingly small things to their children.  Mother's eyes have a way of seeing straight into their children's hearts.  It is one of the blessings of being a mother, to have this unparalleled gift of understanding. 

Mothers can recognize frustration.  They recognize disappointment.  They recognize subterfuge.  In their young children's eyes they may appear to be all-knowing and all-seeing.  And it makes them very good guessers.

I would like to honor the woman who still understands me better than almost anyone, my adorable mother.  She can look into my heart and see my joy.  I hope she can also see the pride I have in calling her my own sweet mother.  Thank you for your patience and your unconditional love.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and feel the love of all those who call you "blessed".


Laura said...

Awe, that was a sweet post! Your mom sounds amazing!!

Kim said...

I enjoyed reading that and it's all true!