Thursday, May 13, 2010

At the Mercy of Shuffle

I have a theory, which proves effective most of the time.  I have an enormous playlist on my iPod, entitled "Workout Jams" which I listen to while I walk, either on the treadmill or, when the weather is nice like today, around my neighborhood.  It is a widely varied collection with almost every genre represented. I have stuff from the old days; I have stuff my kids have bought on iTunes;  just a whole assortment.  I did stop short of Mormon Tab.  My theory is this:  whatever song comes up when I put it on shuffle, I walk to that particular tempo for the length of the song, then when a new songs comes on, I adjust my gait to the new tempo.  This does all the thinking for me and I get a nicely varied workout, with plenty of quick and enough slower stuff so I don't die.  Works like a charm.  Most of the time.

Today was a bit of a frustration.  Don't get me wrong, I love John Denver and Olivia Newton-John.  But Shuffle couldn't seem to get  past them today.  What began as a leisurely stroll continued to be a leisurely stroll nearly the whole way.

 I was encouraged when it picked up a little bit with Donny Osmond.

 But then when it moved to a lazy, instrumental version of This Guy's In Love WithYou, by Burt Bacharach, I knew the day was a waste, and I headed for home.

 As I walked up the front steps and the Lettermen started singing "When I Fall in Love", I knew I may need to make a new playlist...

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Kim said... least you didn't have that super high pitched "loving you.....ah ah ah ah ah ah."