Monday, May 24, 2010

New Territory

My parents used to own a big, fancy motor home that they set out to explore the country in. I was always fascinated by the adhesive map posted on its side that showed all the different states they had visited.  It was truly remarkable the miles they had covered, especially considering the method they chose to cover those miles.  I am not that patient.  I find a day spent traversing the country in an airplane to be painful and challenging; I can't imagine a road trip which requires exponentially more time sitting in a cramped position. That doesn't mean I don't share their desire to explore and discover.  And I, too, love "coloring in" the places I have seen.

This past week I was able to cover some new territory, which is always a thrill.  We spent a couple days in Atlanta, Georgia at a textiles industry trade show.  In the past, the extent of our Atlanta experience had been reserved to time spent in the airport, which I think doesn't really count, so it was nice to get out and really put our feet on some Georgia soil.  We had a great time.  One of the highlights for me was seeing the stunning Georgia Aquarium.

This may be the best aquarium I have ever seen.  I would love to go there again someday, sharing it with my children and grandchildren.

After our time in Atlanta, we flew north to Boston, Massachusetts, again having the opportunity to see new country for both of us.  Boston held back none of its charms.  It was beautiful, and the weather couldn't have been more delightful.

Our lovely hotel, The Lenox, on the corner of Exeter and Boylston, was the perfect location to explore the city on foot, within easy walking distance to Fenway Park where we saw the Red Sox play, Symphony Hall where we saw the Boston Pops play, and the Boston Common, where we saw the rest of Boston play.  I could easily spend a week in the Boston area and never run out of interesting and spectacular attractions.  So not only is Boston now checked off my list of places to see, it is now on a new list:  the Places to which I must return.


Kim said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!

Maili said...

I'm glad you are enjoying Boston! It is one of my favorite places. I have said I would like to spend a year there seeing everything. Then I met a man in the Boston temple who went to do that 20 years earlier and ended up staying. Not ready to move just yet! :) Have a marvelous time!