Sunday, May 16, 2010

Surreal. Magical.

Some of life's most unique and treasured experiences come when one is least expecting them; when one is spontaneous; when one stumbles upon them.

Yesterday, Brian and I had our free Saturday all planned out.  We were going to make a trip to the dump, take some stuff to the Deseret Industries trailer, and clean the garage.  All worthwhile things, don't you think?  Brian went down to work, as he usually does on Saturday morning, planning to bring home the big blue cube van so we could do our chores.  That's odd.  The van wasn't there.  He checked with  his employees that might have borrowed it.  Nothing.  It led us to the conclusion that this dear old friend, one that has been used and used by so many people for so many different things, must have been stolen.....???  I don't know.  I hope not.  It is a puzzle.

Well, so much for our anticipated day of work... To heck with it.  Let's do something fun!

For years we have driven past the Maryhill Museum on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge.  We had heard good things about it.  Wondered about it.  Were curious about it, especially the Stonehenge Monument that stands nearby.  We decided to go see it.  It really wasn't that far away, and all we had was time.

The drive was beautiful, the museum was fascinating, but the most unexpected surprise, in a day filled with surprises, was what we found as we walked the grounds of the museum.
  Peacocks!  Yea, but not just a few peacocks, and not bashful ones.  There were a dozen or more, and they were inquisitive, friendly, very proud and boldly demonstrative.  As I quietly ventured closer with my camera, afraid to frighten them away, they were just as interested in me as I was in them. 
 Brian and I kept looking at each other with incredulity.  Was this really happening?  It was magical.  It was almost reverent and sacred, this unbelievable interplay with some of God's most fascinating creations. 

I will never forget this day, when I got up close and personal with the peacocks.


5Youngers said...

What a wonderful unexpected saturday. I love all the peacock shots you got... fabulous!

Nancy said...

WOW!! Usually you only see a few peacocks and by the time you get your camera ready they stop strutting their stuff!! It sounds like a great day.
Did you ever find the big van?

Missus Wookie said...

How fun - what a neat day. Did you know there are wild peacocks in London?

neffie said...

I've been very curious about that museum myself and now that I know there are peacocks up there, I want to go! Beautiful shots of them!

Laura said...

How fun! We're up at Maryhill quite often to go to the course. It really is beautiful, next time I'll have to take some time to visit the peacocks. Great photos!