Friday, January 15, 2010

"Regrets, I've had a few...

But then again, too few to mention" croons Frank Sinatra in the song "My Way". (This is purely as an aside, but am I the only one that thinks Frank consistently goes flat...?)

Moving on.  Sometimes it is a good idea to ask ourselves if we are living the lives we would have chosen, if we are fulfilling our goals and dreams, if we are indeed living the lives we want to remember and to be remembered for.

Several years ago my sweet father-in-law passed away very suddenly from a heart attack while attending a football game at Ricks College (back in the day when you COULD attend a football game at Ricks College...)  He was only 59 years old when this tragic loss occurred, which came as a great shock to his family.

In one of the quiet conversations he had with his surviving mother, Brian learned a powerful lesson.  His mother told him that in regards to the relationship she had with her husband there existed absolutely no regrets.  No loving words had been left unspoken; no quarrels had been left unresolved; no misunderstandings had been unclarified.

What a wonderful example and legacy to have been passed on to their posterity.

Recently, Brian and I were having a conversation about his term as the bishop in the Pringle Ward.  In our stake, bishops are released almost to the day that five years have transpired since their call.  In Brian's case, that will be near the end of 2010, which in bishop time is NOT very far away.

This has caused quite a bit of introspection on his part.  Has he done all that he could do?  Has he magnified the calling that has been given to him?  I tried to reassure him that from my perspective he has dedicated his whole heart, might, mind and strength to serving in this taxing position as the Lord's servant and representative.  Is he perfect? Sorry, no.  Does he give everything he has to offer?  Resoundingly, yes!

As I look back on my life, on callings I have had, on relationships I have valued, on dreams I have pursued (or not), I find that asking the simple question, Any regrets? is a powerful wake-up call.

I hope that I still have in me many years ahead to do some good.  I hope that my loved ones know, without a doubt, of my devotion to them.  I hope that I have used the gifts I have been given to serve, to enlighten, to teach, to uplift, atleast in some small way. 

Thanks for listening.  I hope, too, that this might be a wake-up call for all of us...

I love you Brian.


Kim said...

I don't know of one person who hasn't loved Brian as a bishop! He's done an amazing job!

Thanks for the post! This is something I've been thinking about lately, especially in regard to Katie getting ready to leave for college.

Laura said...

GREAT post!!

Unknown said...

He deserves NO regrets or doubts that he has done anything other than what his Father in Heaven has asked

neffie said...

Great post as always. You're posts always make me think, which is good. And on another note, I'm loving the quote of the week on your blog. I love good quotes!