Monday, January 18, 2010

Happier times in Haiti...

The whole world has stopped to mourn with the lovely Haitian people over the loss of their paradise home.  Such tragic pictures are coming out of that ordinarily charming spot in the Caribbean,  pictures that make us all ponder the whys and how comes.

I have personal memories of Haiti.  My family and a group of friends spent a beautiful day there during Springbreak of 2003.  It was a magical place, with picturesque vistas on every side.  I remember the Haitian people to be very gracious and genuine, anxious for my American dollar, but not too pushy.  As a souvenir of my visit, I purchased a painting depicting our carefree afternoon spent there.

As I try to wrap my mind around the destruction and tragedy that is present-day Haiti, I am reminded to marvel at the power of the elements, remember that God is still in charge, and to pray for the continued blessings of peace and safety that we enjoy in my little corner of the world.

I am thankful for the opportunities my family has had to discover the world.  It has given us a broader perspective and made us more aware of our world family.  The people of Haiti are just like us when you look at them eye-to-eye.  May the Lord bless them with comfort, patience, and charity towards one another as the world attempts to step in and help bring some relief.


Kim said...

Wow ~ what a different perspective it must be to have actually been there before. I love your description of the Haitian people!

We are going to do a service mini-RS group soon to either replace the humanitarian aid packets sent to Haiti by the church or something else of equal importance. I'm excited to be able to help!

Laura said...

It's so sad what they are going through! I'm so glad that our church is there helping and our donations to the humanitarian fund are providing some relief and comfort to them. I can't imagine what they are going through. It's heartbreaking.

Nancy said...

It is very sad what has happened in Haiti, when you have "experienced" the people, it always makes it even more personal for you. We had been on Cayman Brac before Hurricane Ivan hit it. Going back to the Brac a few months after, seeing the destruction and what the people were still going through was heart breaking.