Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Green Ones are Mine!

Every time we have been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, I have noticed family reunion groups that are all wearing matching shirts.  What a great idea, I have always thought.  Would I ever attempt to get my family to wear matching shirts?  Heavens, no!  I would never dare ask!  I was especially gun shy after learning of the golf wager between my husband and son, which indicated that they thought wearing matching shirts was the worst possible thing the loser could do...

Then you can imagine my surprise when my daughters, Jackie and Erica, surprised us all with matching green shirts to wear on Christmas at WDW.  I couldn't believe it!  How could they get away with it?  If anyone grumbled, they did it under their breath cause I didn't hear it.  Who knew? 

The shirts were especially fun because the girls had designed them, putting one of our favorite family quotes on the back:

Who's Ron, you wonder?  It is Ron Weasley of Harry Potter fame.  Robert began years ago by saying this on Christmas morning in his best Harry Potter imitation.  It has stuck, and Christmas wouldn't be the same without a jolly "Happy Christmas Ron!" from somebody.

I don't know about anyone else, but I loved having everyone dressed alike.  It made it sooooo easy to spot one another in the crazy-busy Magic Kingdom.

Regrettably, we never did get everyone together to have a group picture of all the green shirts.  I fear I have a reputation of being a little gung ho about taking pictures, so I was trying to let my family off the hook by not insisting on a photo.  What a stupid thing to do...
I was able to get a few priceless green shirt pics though.

This one is my favorite.


5Youngers said...

I love that idea. I am so doing this when we head to Disneyland this year... great idea!

neffie said...

I was wondering about those shirts from previous pictures! How cute are those? I think you're girls knew you wanted matching shirts!

Laura said...

Love your new layout!
The shirts are great and that there is a saying that the whole family loves on the back, even better!
They look great!