Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Choice and Accountability

It was my choice and now I am being held accountable.

We pretty much ate our way through Walt Disney World.  In fact, the dining experience is one of my favorite things about that magical place.  But few do Key Lime Pie better than Wolfgang Puck.  What's a girl to do?

In fact, with so many temptations it was very difficult to walk away from any of the fine meals and desserts that found their way to our dining tables.

This is called The Grand Floridian Burger.  This was my Christmas Day Feast.  It is a burger topped with lobster, asparagus, and hollandaise.  Are you getting the picture?

See?  this one was KIND of healthy.  Look at all that fresh fruit...

And look how small these portions are...

And Erica and Derek shared this one...

On our last evening we dined at Les Chefs de France in the World Showcase at EPCOT.  Leave it to Disney to even have the "little chef" Remy from the movie, Ratatouille to welcome us to our french dining experience.

He was VERY realistic, but seemed content to remain on his silver platter with the grapes and cheese.

I can't see ordering Mac and Cheese when in a legit French Restaurant, but some of my brood did.  And it looks pretty good, huh?

Creme Brulee' Cheesecake, anyone?

Well, now we are back to reality.  We are paying the price for all those amazing meals, and I'm not talking about a credit card bill.  I'm talking about the extra pounds that have crept on during the last little while.  I remember hearing a great saying once that "if you give a dance you gotta pay the band". 

I am paying the band now.  It will be a slow process, wrought with sweat and tears.  But I am hopeful.  And NOBODY twisted my arm to put ANY of those delightful bites into my mouth...

Oh, here is one more.  Would you believe these are MAGNETS?  I am so glad that even though I thought these were adorable, I did not bring them home to put on my fridge.  Can you imagine dieting with a big, beautiful donut staring you in the face everyday? I don't think so!


Kim said...

Mmmmmmmmm!! Those look absolutely delicious. Disney details are unparalleled!!

And if you want to go walking, call me!

Nancy said...

The "healthy fruit" made me laugh, I loved the cup of chocolate to dip that fruit into. I like to rationalize about food, I eat milk chocolate for the dairy, etc. ;-)
I don't pay the band though, I just keep on dancing!