Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not enough time...

to explore Vero Beach Resort in Florida. Because of a cancelled flight out of Portland, Oregon on the first day of our trip, we missed a whole day at Vero Beach with the rest of our family.  What a beautiful place it is, too!

When we did finally make it to Vero Beach after an hour and a half drive from the Orlando airport, it was so late, everyone except Jackie remained asleep.  We quickly fell into the beds that they had ready for us and slept!  I don't know why travel days are so exhausting.

The next morning we were greeted by the littlest angel, our granddaughter Evelyn.  Her smiles made all the worries and stress of the two preceding days vanish away.

I was so thankful we had scheduled in some relaxation time for that day.  It was perfect.

One of the highlights was the First Annual Haws Family Football game.  I chose to watch Evelyn while the rest of the family faced off for an exciting game.  Miranda was the official photographer.

The lobby of the resort was simply gorgeous.  THIS is why I didn't bother to decorate my house for Christmas.

We enjoyed having Derek Young along with us on the trip.  He sure seems like one of the family to me, and I really appreciate that he shared his pictures with me.  He got ones of the pool, the beach, and the miniature golf that I didn't get.

Vero Beach is a fun place.  Regrettably our stay there was shortened, but our memories are filled with the special times we managed to squeeze into our brief visit there.

When, not IF, I ever go back there, I will certainly plan to stay at least a week!


5Youngers said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit. Love the pics.

Nancy said...

It was very nice of your family to include Derek for your Christmas festivities. He had a wonderful time with you. Erica feels like part of our family too, we just love her!!!

Wendy said...

Don't Grandma's always get the best jobs. Evelyn is a sweetie!

Laura said...

Looks amazing! What a fun trip!!