Friday, January 21, 2011

May I Quote You?

Have you ever been quoted?  Have you ever received validation by someone using your own words of wisdom?  

As our family gathered at Thanksgiving, one of our topics of conversation gravitated toward Bucket Lists.
We all divulged our personal desires and enjoyed learning more about each other.  When it came to Brian's turn, he surprised us all when he said  he would like to have something he said be considered worthy of hanging on someone's wall.

You know, why not?  Who decides which quotes end up on plaques and frames anyway? 

Imagine our surprise then, when two of our creative children took this idea and ran with it.  Robert and Josalyn decided to take Brian at his word and came up with a wildly unique, innovative Christmas gift for the whole family.

While Brian served as bishop, his ward clerk compiled a list of "Bishop Haws Quotes", quite a random collection of pithy, witty, often silly, and always uniquely wise things that Brian said during bishopric meetings.  Rob and Jos chose one of these quotes, enlisted an online designer to turn it into a cross-stitch pattern, then gave each of us the materials to create our own wall hanging; thus fulfilling an item from Brian's bucket list.
I think I am the first one done! 

It was a fun project.  As I reacquainted myself with cross-stitching, I thought about a lot of things.
  I thought about the value of thoughtful gifts, ones that needn't cost a lot of money but that tune into a unique interest of the recipient. 
I thought about a husband who quietly serves, strives to be a man of integrity, and who sets a great example for his family. 
I thought about a sister who could have done the designing for Robert if he would have known about her amazing skills. 
 I thought about what an honor it would be to be remembered for something profound we may have said. 


Nancy said...

This was such a great gift!! In our family, Ivon and I try to give gifts that we have made for our family. It's fun to be able to think about that family member as your working on the project for them.

Laura said...

I. LOVE. THIS! and I love the quote! Awesome gift!!

Ivon said...

Nice post, and great quote. I just could slide by without commenting.

Kim said...

I love thoughtful, meaningful gifts ~ very cool!

neffie said...

Love it! what an amazing gift! And an amazing quote

Missus Wookie said...

Hmm would Brian mind being on my wall too? That is such a very true statement.

I like facebook too - a nice way to find connections :)

Ardith Haws said...

I'm certain he wouldn't mind! Nice to hear from you, my friend!

Patricia Lynne said...

Awesome gift, I'd be on cloud nine of someone did that for me.