Saturday, January 15, 2011

I didn't faint! Yay for me!

I have a confession to make.  I'm a fainter.  I faint at the mere suggestion of blood and gore and crunching bones.  I have a history of fainting in movie theaters.  I have fainted in doctors' offices, basketball games; well, you get the idea.

Brian and I have been anticipating seeing the remake of the old John Wayne movie, True Grit.  This evening we got our chance and enjoyed it very much.  Nice throwback to the old Westerns, but naturally they had to update it with a generous helping of blood and gore so it would fit into the taste of present day moviegoers.

I have gotten very adept at covering my eyes, plugging my ears, and trying to block out the images that my imagination replaces for the ones I am not seeing.  The power of suggestion is a powerful thing.  Success!  I was able to stay for the whole movie.

By most standards this is quite a tame movie.  For me, I feel triumphant that Brian didn't have to scoop me off the floor.

And I did miss Glen Campbell and the old sountrack....


Ivon said...

I didn't faint either, and I have fainted once watching some blood squirt out in a very realistic Navy first aid training movie. I just asked Nancy if I had told her about it, and she said I hadn't, oops.

Nancy said...

I can take the blood and's the snake scene that got me a moving in my seat! If that would have been me in that cave (which would NEVER happen in real life, I let snakes live where they want to and I stay far away) I would have been out of there so fast my feet wouldn't have touched the ground. I would have probably run all the way to the outpost where the Dr. was!!
Snakes and I are not a good mix!! ;-/

Kim said...

Congrats for making it through!

Laura said...

I want to see that movie! I heard it's great!!