Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recalculating Route

I have a Navigator on my phone.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  It has gotten Brian and me out of many a pickle in our explorations.  I won't say it has "saved" our marriage, but it certainly eliminates a lot of stress and makes traveling in new territory much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Then why do I sometimes hate it?  Well, aside from the annoying voice, there are a couple of phrases that we have heard a few too many times:  "Make the next legal U-turn" and "Recalculating Route"!
I have thought about those directions and even though they are irritating to hear when navigating unfamiliar roads, what a blessing they really are!  Sometimes we do find ourselves going down the wrong path and need some course correction, and it is usually when we are too proud to admit it on our own. 

I believe we all have a "Navigator", giving us direction and guidance if we will attune ourselves to hear it.

Brian and I have received the not-so-subtle instruction to "Recalculate our Route".  And we are.  Good health has become more precious to us after having caught a glimpse of the dangers and limitations of poor health.  There are too many things we still want to do in our life together; too many places we want to see; too much service we want to be involved in.

Changing direction is difficult.  Finding a place to make a safe U-turn isn't always easy.  Yet we have; we have made a complete 180 degree course correction.  I pray that we will have the strength and the courage to continue down our newly chosen road.

And maybe I can get rid of my "fat" jeans....


Kim said...

Thanks for the great reminder! And I wish I had your "fat" jeans

neffie said...

Oh, I like this post. Good luck with the changes that you've started. Here's to them sticking! :-)

Laura said...

LOVED this post!