Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Kinds of People

There seem to be three classifications of people in the world right now:  those that have no interest in joining the unique, albeit consuming world of facebook; those that were curious enough to see what it was all about, have signed up with a facebook account, but are hesitant to participate for one reason or another; and then there are those that have discovered the marvel of it all.

I fall into the last category.  I will admit to being apprehensive at first.  From what I had read, it was a college student craze but I was drawn to the relative protected nature of it.  Only those that I allowed would be able to see what I was up to.

After getting my feet wet, I have been drawn into this world of friends, particularly friends from long ago that seem not to have aged.  It becomes so easy to pick up in conversation as easily as if there weren't thousands of miles that separate us, nor decades that have passed since the last time we spoke.

Initially I joined facebook to stay in touch with my children; to see what they were up to while living away from home.  I also love to see fresh pictures of my granddaughter from time to time, as I don't get enough "face time" with her. 

But facebook fills a need for me.  It validates myself as "Ardith Wakeman Haws".  I am no longer just Jackie's mom, or Elder Haws' mother, or Bishop Haws' wife.  For the first time in years I have my own circle of friends, especially those that knew me as the shy, brown-eyed girl who moved around a lot.

I love sharing the day to day lives of my facebook friends.  I love sharing the happy times and the sad times, the silly times and the touching times.  How fun to cheer on the triumphant and how poignant to pray with those in need.  I love a forum that accepts my idiosyncrasies.  Perhaps my voice may not be heard by multitudes, but it is heard by my little circle of facebook friends.  And that is enough.

Those that may hesitate to jump into the conversation, what have you got to lose?  I promise you will gain more than you ever would have imagined.  You will regain a part of your youth.


Ivon said...

I agree with you. My children grew up in the military, with all the moves. We lived in some neat places, but they did not know their cousins. If Facebook and blogs were available, this would have been a different situation for them. I think it is neat as they are meeting and getting to know their cousins now through their blogs and Facebook. I also enjoy your blog posts and your Facebook comments. Keep them coming.

Nancy said...

It is fun to peek into the lives of people you know now, and the ones you knew then. The updates on the grandkids, nieces and nephews etc.

Kim said...

Facebook is so fun for the very reasons you mentioned! I also grew up moving around every few years and it's been fun catching up with people. I think every single one of my cousins is on fb as well and that keeps us in better contact than we've been in for years!