Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Second Part of the Journey

I have been on an incredible journey.  It began last year as I acted upon an itch to write a book. I received positive feedback from my blog readers and decided to pursue what had been a lifelong dream. After months of research and writing, I came up with a final draft and prepared it for submission to a publisher.

Yesterday was the day.  With butterflies in my stomach, and admittedly a few tears of relief in my eyes, I drove to the post office with my baby bundled in a brown envelope.
Thus begins the second part of my journey:  the road to publication.  I felt a need to give the "big boys" the first chance.  But I am encouraged that if they send it back I still have a few other options.  One way or another, this book will be published.  I feel strongly that it belongs in the hands of my posterity as something physical and tangible, something from Grandma Haws.

A long road lies ahead of me, one that will certainly be paved with doubt and frustration.  It would be easier to keep this process to myself, to hide the likely rejections, and discouragement.  But I do better when I find ways to be held accountable.  So don't be afraid to ask how this journey is going.  I am determined to see it through to the end. 

Life is too short for indecisiveness.  Life is too short to fail on follow-through.  So, here's to the next challenge.  Here's to the second part of the journey!


Kim said...

Good luck ~ how exciting!!

Nancy said...

Best of luck to you Ardith!

Laura said...

Wahoo!! Yippee!! I'm so excited for you! Of course they will snatch you up - they'd be crazy not if they didn't!
I'll be looking forward to hearing about the process and your progress!

Patricia Lynne said...

I'm right there with ya! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

No coincidence. Feet 1st. To do nothing and fear the worst. To fail and refine, only then success sublime. Refine life's rough draft a submission at a time. ;)

Ivon said...

I am looking forward to reading your published book. Good luck in the publishing aspect. I hope they see the class they should.