Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How competitive are you?

I have always considered myself as un-competitive.  I'm not sure that is very honest though.  Certainly I am un-competitive in anything that has to do with physical athleticism.  I won't even try in most cases because I know that I will surely come up lacking.  And that's fine.  No skin off my nose.  It has always frustrated Brian that I won't even try to wrestle him.  Yea, right.  Like I would have any chance?

But I don't think these are the only types of things that can bring out our competitive natures.  I think I am very competitive against myself.  I want to do better than I have done before.  I want to exceed my own standards; my own levels of performance.   And I think this is healthy.

Recently while my husband and I were on a trip to Utah and Idaho, in the middle of winter, I could not get my husband to put on the only light jacket he had brought along, at my insistence of course.  Granted he is a big guy that never seems to feel the cold.  But these were extreme temperatures we were experiencing; below zero kind of cold!

Finally I asked him why.  Certainly you are cold?  Certainly you must be feeling the effects of this awful place?

His response?  "I don't want to let the cold win."

My hyper-competitive husband is so stubborn he was challenging the cold to get to him, to break him somehow.  It was like some kind of triple-dog-dare against the elements.

You know what?  As crazy as I think that is, I also admire his spirit.  I think a person can go far in this life with a "Must Win" attitude.

So I ask you, and I ask myself:  What are we letting win?  Are our habits winning?  Our weaknesses?  Our addictions, perhaps?

Going into this new year, I plan to foster this competitive spirit.  I am determined to overcome things that may have whipped me in the past.  I am not going to "let the cold win"!


neffie said...

Hahaha that's awesome! This actually goes quite well with what's been on my mind lately. Thank you.

Kim said...

I'm admittedly least I can acknowledge it right? I agree though, it can definitely be used in positive ways!

Laura said...

I love the photo that you have with the post too!