Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Solitude: For or Against?

Solitude. Even the word denotes the tranquility that it is. What is the draw of solitude for some, when others find it frightening, or at least distasteful?

I thrive on solitude, which is good because I am finding myself alone more than I ever have. Often it isn’t by choice, merely circumstance. And then there are times like these, when I tap into the Thoreau in me and I seek out solitude, seek out time for introspection, seek out time to reacquaint myself with the internal woman.

I will be spending the next few days alone at the beach, sitting on the edge of the world. Already I have seen storms, calms before and after the storms, and as right now, the whole world awakening to a beautiful morning. I saw and heard the sea birds calling good morning to the day. The sun is promising to spend some time with me. That is company I would never turn away.

I brought a couple of books with me. I brought watercolor supplies with me. I have an iPod full of my favorite music. There are enough TV channels to keep me distracted if I choose. Probably won’t choose.

I brought my laptop. I made sure it is equipped with word processing software. I intend to spend a good amount of time writing. I used to think it was such a romantic notion to spend a week at the beach writing a book. How is it that I have been so blessed to actually see this notion becoming a reality? It no longer seems out of reach; it seems like an actual possibility, kind of like an unspoken dream that is no longer unspoken.

Are you a solitude kind of person, or do you crave company? I suppose I am a little of both. Ask me three days from now…


Kim said...

I believe that I also lean both ways, depending on the situation and how I might be feeling. I'd always rather solitude by choice than forced solitude ~ being alone but not feeling alone.

Enjoy your solitude and quiet at the beach ~ happy writing!!

Sara said...

I would rather like company over solitude. But I do like to have my own solitude sometimes. As long as I have a choice I am all good though.

Sherri said...

I am both! But maybe I don't really know...there is not much solitude in my life right now. I enjoyed just reading about yours!
Have fun...eat healthy! =)

Nancy said...

I enjoy being by myself with my sewing, crocheting or reading a book. I wouldn't want a steady diet of it though. It's always nice to know you don't have to go far to be with someone, like someone that might be upstairs working on his computer! Enjoy your quiet time.

Laura said...

I"m both! Depends on my mood and how my day has gone.

Have fun at the beach!!

5Youngers said...

I am definitely solitude. I have always been a loner at heart. As a kid I craved others company but as I grew into adolescence and adulthood I found myself enjoying alone time more than anything. I do enjoy spending time with others but I'm most at peace when the rare occasion arises that I find myself alone.