Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm such a chicken...

Have you ever stumbled upon someone else's Facebook friend, suspect that you know that person, but are too afraid to send a friend request?  That happened to me this morning.  I am so afraid that this person wouldn't remember who I am.

I lived in several places growing up, attending most of my elementary school years in Cedar City, Utah; going to junior high in Wichita, Kansas; and attending high school in Grace, Idaho.  Because of this, I know people from all over.  But because I haven't been back to those places, I fear that no one even remembers who I am.  I have been able to connect with a few key friends from those places, thankful that someone remembers me, but I know that most people wouldn't remember the shy, brown-eyed girl that was usually too timid to exert herself, and then moved away.  I don't even have yearbooks from the past because they were in a box in our garage when a pipe froze and then burst, flooding everything. 

Sometimes I look back upon my childhood and wonder if those memories I seem to have even happened at all.  I think my hazy past has something to do with my obsession now with scrapbooking, my desire to document our lives, to make a record of my children's activities.  I'm so thankful for the invention of the digital camera which completely erases any hesitancy to snap away as many pictures as I want.

I treasure the few pictures I have of my childhood.  A few years back I encouraged my dad to scan and digitize some of the slides they had accumulated over the years.  I know it was a labor of love, very time consuming.  It has been like getting back a portion of my youth, validating for me that those memories were real.  Thank you, Dad.  It means a lot to me.


Kim said...

This has happened to me several times ~ I too lived many places growing up. More often than not, when I get up the nerve to contact the person, they usually remember me. I've only had one time where a person just thought I "sounded familiar."

I love your pictures ~ what a cutie you were and are!

Nancy said...

The last picture reminds me of Erica. When I was scrolling down, at a glance, I thought it was her. I was very shy in school too.

5Youngers said...

I was always the shy girl with brown hair too. I grew up in one place and the same school. However, I still have all of these same feelings you are expressing. I run into someone who I went to school with since kindergarden and I don't approach them because I'm so sure they would have no clue who I was. I look back on my childhood and wish that I would have broken out of my shy shell long ago. Here's hoping we can both take the leap and remember we are confident women now and just say hello.

Laura said...

I'm a go for it gal - and LOVE to tell other people to go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
AND, how can someone not remember someone as cute as you?