Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can you tell who's who?

Okay, so maybe the flowered pajamas are a give away, but I think they are very similar.  The pretty one is my granddaughter Miss Evelyn at around 7 months, and the pretty boy is my son, Robert, at around 7 months.
"Blue Eyes.....Baby's got blue eyes...."

Okay, here's one more.
If you have any guesses on this one, leave a comment.
I must add that this picture won a Gerber Baby contest in a magazine.  Isn't he a cutie?


Kim said...

Wow Evelyn does look like her daddy! What a cutie pie!

And is the last one Brian?

Cheressa said...

I say the last one is Bishop!! I have thought TONS of times that Evelyn looks tons like Bishop!!

Nancy said...

I think Evelyn looks like Brian, so I guess Robert looks like Brian too. Evelyn is so cute, love her lips!!

Laura said...

Cute photos!!
I think the last photo is your man :-)