Thursday, February 11, 2010

Power of a Hand-written Note

I want to share a truth with you.  There is tremendous power in a hand-written Valentine.  Yesterday in the mail Brian and I received this cute little Valentine card.
It wasn't accompanied by any grand gift.  It didn't need to be.  The treasure was inside.
It showed that someone cared enough about us to sit down, find a pen that worked, share some lovely, kind, thoughtful words.  Then this delightful person addressed an envelope, found a current stamp with the proper legal postage (who can keep up with that nowadays?), then walked to the mailbox and posted it, conscientiously assuring it would reach our home by Valentines Day.

It really isn't all that difficult, but how many times do we take the easy way out?  We find some token of our affection, without taking the extra effort to actually share a bit of our hearts.

Thank you, my sweet little Valentine.  You made my day.


Nancy said...

Homemade gifts are always the BEST I think. Your Valentine is beautiful!!

Kim said...

I love random thoughfulness!

Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE getting mail!! You're so right, the hand-written note has power. Makes me smile every time!!