Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have a friend...

whom I have known for twenty-one years or so.   She has been a bright spot in my life for all of those twenty-one years.  We don't always get to spend much time together, and there are often lulls between seeing each other.  This is when the sunshine of my life is a little dimmer.

She and I are not that much alike.  She is bubbly and full of fun.  She is the life of the party.  She draws people to her in remarkable ways.  And yet, we complement each other so well.  We understand one another.  We can almost read minds sometimes.

For several years we were the 5th year leaders at Girls Camp.  We worked well together, had a lot of fun, and hopefully brought out the best in the girls that we taught.  It was inspiring to see them rise to be leaders while we supported them from the background.  We have watched together as they have moved on to become remarkable women.

There are too many facets of our friendship to recount them all here.  We have shared each other's highs and lows.  We laugh together.  We cry together.  Patti, dear, I love you.  Happy Birthday, my sweet friend.

(Photo credit:  Laura Peterson)


Laura said...

I love Patti! You are so right describing her. I miss seeing her in our ward! She has a huge influence on others (I know she did on me!). She's a wonderful mother!

PS, that last photo was taken by me :-) They are such a cute fun couple!!

5Youngers said...

Isn't it great to have a friend that is a kindred spirit.?One that you share a friendship with for over 20 years is an amazing accomplishment. I love all of your pictures... what a fun friend.

Nancy said...

Happy birthday Patti, we miss you in 5th ward!!

Kim said...

Patti is awesome!! I ditto the things that everyone else has said (I don't like being redundant)so I'll just close with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday Patti!!