Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rome is Rainy!

We were welcomed at the airport with a downpour.  Not quite what I was expecting.  But it is an amazing place with some of the most interesting and marvelous sights to be seen.  My only disappointment was our exhaustion from the long flight with no chance to rest or clean up before "attacking" the city.

We thoroughly toured the highlights of Vatican City--the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.  We saw the Pantheon, which was stunning.  We saw Trevi Fountain but were too tired to enjoy it.

I never remember a fuller day on such poor, tired legs.

In retrospect I have to wonder if it was really the only alternative we had.  I know our time in Rome was limited, but it certainly isn't the happiest of memories because I was half asleep the whole time.


Nancy said...

We were stationed in Italy for 3 Years (actually Michael was born there). It's an interesting place and the culture is so different from ours. That is where we got strong in the church, even though we had both been born in the church.

Laura said...

Great photos! Can't wait to hear more!