Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I think I must be

a little GREEK at heart.  Although we weren't able to visit Mykonos, one of the many islands of Greece, because of choppy seas, we were able to make our next stop in Rhodes, Greece. It felt somehow like I was coming home.

Isn't it strange how some things feel not completely NEW, but whisper of familiarity?  That is how the Greek Islands seemed to me.  I guess I must be a very old soul...

Coming into port, one instantly realizes there were many influences in Rhodes throughout history.  There is a distinct Medieval flavor representing the Christian Crusaders that spent many years here. Put that alongside the strong Greek, Turk, and Italian influences, never mind the incredible natural beauty, and one can see why Rhodes is the undisputed tourist capital of the region.

With its craggy hilltops, whitewashed buildings, all set next to the blue of the Aegean Sea, this is the Greece represented in many movies.  This is what I think of as modern day Greece.

We saw our share of Old World Greece, too.

I think our favorite memory of Rhodes, though, was when we "ditched" our tour group and set off on our own to explore the ancient alleyways ourselves; to get our own feel of the place and spend a little time shopping.  Rhodes is known for its goldsmiths ;-)
Two of my favorite souvenirs of our entire trip came from Rhodes.  The gold bracelet that I wear ALL the time was purchased there.  I also got the opal ring with the Greek Key design that I wore often until I recently lost the opal out of the setting.  So sad.  I need to find something else to put in its place.

Fortunately because of my photographs, my impressions of Rhodes are securely tucked in my memory.  What an enchanting place.

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Laura said...

Looks amazing! I can't wait to check out your bracelet when we finally meet! :-)