Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am the luckiest...

Sunday School teacher.  And it certainly isn't because I have a small, quiet, well-behaved class.  On the contrary; I have a relatively large, rambunctious, rowdy, energetic group of 16-18 year olds that challenge me every week.  The challenge lies in being adequately prepared to teach them something every week, in being in tune with the Spirit to prepare and present messages that are meaningful and useful to them, and in being ready to corral their energy into productive and worthwhile discussions.

Does it get better than that?  How could it?  And the thing that always amazes me is that they actually are quite respectful.  They know that I won't even try to teach if they are not engaged, and they do get distracted so easily.  But it doesn't take much to bring them back around and ready to listen.  That is when I feel the most love from them.  They can't help it that they would rather talk about almost anything else, but they know that it makes me happy when they are attentive.  And so they try to be.

And it never fails.  Every week when the lesson is drawing to a close, I am overwhelmed with love for these rowdy kids.  I love it when I can look in their eyes and see that something is sinking in.  It almost gives me enough courage to turn around and try it again the following Sunday.

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Kim said...

As the mom of one of your students, I appreciate your words. I also hope mine isn't too rowdy.