Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soul Mates

Were there ever more opposites brought together by an undeniable magnetic force?  I wonder.  The first time I went out with Brian Haws, I mentally made a long list of our differences.  And yet I could hardly wait to go out with him again.  He had kept me laughing the entire day on the ski slopes and well into the evening as we went for pizza, and later to the video rental store to rent a VCR.  Wow!  Did he know how to treat a girl!

But beyond that, he was adorable!  Such beautiful blue eyes, a mischievous smile, and the kindest nature.  All the girls at church had a crush on him.  Never being one to follow the herd, I had dug in my heels, refusing to become one of the many that were falling all over themselves to get his attention.  I lost.  It didn't take me long to realize that he had much more to recommend himself than just his handsome face and his athletic build.  There was an undeniable goodness about him. There was a sparkle in his countenance.  His sense of humor was just a bonus too. 

I love you, Brian Haws.  I always have; I think from our very first ride up the chair lift together.  And that beautiful day in June, so many years ago, was my happiest day.  When your bride couldn't stop crying in the temple it was because she was completely overwhelmed with joy and love.  I still feel that way.  You are my greatest blessing and my greatest friend.

Happy Anniversary tomorrow, my dear.  I think the best place for us to celebrate will be in Idaho with all our children.  And thank you for my best twenty-seven years.


Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful tribute!

5Youngers said...

You two are an amazing couple! What a sweet love note to your husband. I hope you have a fabulous Anniversary.

neffie said...

Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful post this is :-)