Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Music of Life

Yesterday an old friend of mine from high school posted something on Facebook.  I thought about it during the day, and even as I was lying in bed last night.  It is this:  "God determines who walks into your life... It's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go!"

There is such truth in every facet of this.  I like to think that the people we meet along the way are purposeful, that they are in our path to impact us in some way.  But the choice is ours as to the level of their impact.  Who will have a lasting effect on us?  Who will we treat indifferently?  Who will we cling to, not wanting to lose their influence?

A while back I tried to quit Facebook.  I found that it was taking up too much of my time, and I have other projects I want to focus on.  So I thought I could just walk away from my little circle of friends, so painstakingly established, that God has allowed to enter into my life again.  There are Lisa and Joanie and Michele; my little friends that walked to kindergarten with me, that shared some of the best slumber parties of my life.  There are Bryn and Mark and Larry; my friends from junior high, that pivotal time of discovery in one's life.  There are Toni and Jim and Maili from high school, who were my greatest support system then and have continued to keep in touch with me throughout the years.

I have been so blessed by the people I call my friends.  They are like a lovely melody that accompanies my life, a recurring refrain that lifts me, that energizes me, that inspires me.

I have also been thinking about the depth of love we feel for those that come into our lives that we refuse to let go, that we stick with through difficult times, that we continually draw strength from.  I am so blessed to have parents who have felt like this about one another.  Today marks 50 years that my parents have been married, have stood side by side, have refused to let go.
I feel like their influence has been the most pivotal of my life.  Because of their teaching, their example, their unconditional love, I too have learned how to cling to that which is most valuable, most important, most critical to my happiness. 

Life is never an easy road, free of bumps and pot holes.  But as we choose to surround ourselves with people who love us, determined to stick by them throughout even the greatest obstacles, then the music of our life enriches to its fullest sound, replete with a solid string section to lay the foundation, a bold group of brass to herald the triumphant moments, percussion to keep us on track, and the finishing touches of the winds to beautify and add unexpected highlights.

I love you, Mom and Dad.  I count you among my greatest blessings.  I am thankful you are together today.  I know that life isn't easy right now, but in your trials you are teaching the following generations how to love, how to serve, how to remain faithful.  Priceless lessons in an uncertain world.
Happy Anniversary!  And next weekend, we are going to throw you the party of the century.


Kim said...

I absolutely love that quote!! I needed to hear that. Congrats to your mom and dad ~ 50 years!! What an accomplishment ~ definitely one that should be celebrated with much joy! Glad your dad is feeling better so he can enjoy the festivities!!

Nancy said...

Happy anniversary to your wonderful parents! What a nice tribute to them.

Laura said...

That is one of the best tributes ever! They sound so amazing!
LOVE the quote.

5Youngers said...

I think it is such a remarkable thing to have 50 years of marriage and still be so much in love. Congrats to your wonderful parents for inspiring such a wonderful daughter.

I also LOVE that quote... it will be on my mind today and probably for quite some time. Thank you