Thursday, June 24, 2010

Job Security, huh?

The definition of Job Security is this:  Freedom from the fear of dismissal or job loss. I would add that the freedom from fear is due to being badly needed and indispensible. 

Last night I was reminded that I have job security.  Brian reminded me when we were joking about the number of times per day that he changes his clothes.  He is worse than a kid.  He dresses for work.  He dresses for exercise.  He dresses for the hot tub.  He dresses for his bishop errands.  And if we are going out in the evening, he will freshen up in a change of clothes.  EVERYDAY he does this!

Well, I can't say doing laundry is my favorite thing but as long as he needs me and is willing to keep me around, I guess I will keep doing it.

Please don't anyone tell him about professional cleaners.  It would destroy my job security.


Laura said...

So funny!

Kim said...

Is there occasionally a Superman costume in the array of outfits?

ME said...

I'm glad you're secure in your job. I have on many occasions been "fired" however anytime I try to quit it just doesn't work. I've been fired for little things like forgetting to pick something up at the store to major things like locking all the keys inside the house. Yet we're still together and will be celebrating 10 years in a couple of weeks.