Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alone Again, (Naturally)

You either love it or you hate it.  I don't think there is indifference.  It is a song from my youth; it has a catchy tune, and a rather depressing message if you listen to the words.  But I love it.  So many times in my life I have connected to it.  Many times I have felt the angst of its message, but more often I have felt lifted and encouraged and that in my loneliness, I am really not alone.  There is a universality about it, clearly contradicting its face value meaning.

Gilbert O'Sullivan's poignant lyrics spoke to me as I was walking out of church today.  I come and go to church alone.  Every Sunday.  My children have left home.  My husband leaves for church earlier than me, and stays later than me.  We had a wonderful visit this weekend with our children in Idaho, then flew home last night.  It was joyous to be surrounded by the people who love me, but then came the realistic slap on the face that indeed I am alone again.  Naturally.

Please, please, please don't think I am seeking pity.  I'm not.  I know that what I am facing is something all must face at some point.  I would like to express gratitude for those that fill my life with joy.  I have been blessed with family and friends that daily show their love for me.  I am rich in that regard.  There are times I am alone, and I often welcome the solitude.  Sometimes I even think that I am pretty good company.

I just want you to think of this song (and maybe me) the next time you are feeling a little lonely.  We are never really alone.  We are never really abandoned.  Though the distance may seem prohibitive, our loved ones are only a phone call away.  Or maybe a prayer.


Kim said...

Whenever I feel this way, I also think of a song, "You're not Alone," a cheesy early 80s New Era song. Regardless of it's cliche-ness, the message is a great one. I agree too that sometimes I love being alone, and other times, it's difficult.

Laura said...

I was bummed we missed you by a day in Idaho. Hope your dad is doing well.