Thursday, June 10, 2010

Read at your own risk

Warning:  this is likely to be full of sentimental drivel that you probably would rather pass on.  I don't care.  The nature of a blog, which is derived from the term "web log",  is in essence someone's personal journal that they just happen to provide access for whomever, wherever, to take a peek at.  So proceed at your own risk.  You have been warned.

I am in Rexburg, Idaho this morning.  It is June 10th.  Twenty-seven years ago I was also in Rexburg, Idaho on June 10th, awaiting the arrival of my groom who would be driving me to Idaho Falls for our wedding.  I had already moved into our new apartment and was surrounded by whom we affectionately called the Sun Birds, silver-haired people from Arizona who came to spend their summer months in Idaho to escape the repressive heat.  My sweet old neighbors knew the importance of this day for me, and many were outside watching as Brian arrived, washed and polished, in his baby blue Monte Carlo, which was washed and polished too, to pick up his bride.

Off we went together, facing a promising future full of the unknown.  I remember it was the most gorgeous morning.  Not a cloud in the sky.

Jump ahead 27 years:  It is a beautiful morning again.  A few clouds.  This morning I found myself watching out the window again, this time from our hotel room.  I was trying to catch a glimpse of my son as he came to pick up his dad to play a round of golf before he has to get to class at BYU-I.  Could I really have anticipated, all those years ago, that I would have a tall, handsome son that would become my husband's favorite golfing buddy?  Or could have I imagined the beautiful daughter that came to pick us up at the airport last night?  Or would I have believed that when I entered the hotel lobby last night that I would have the best welcoming committee ever, comprised of my other two beautiful daughters and my delightful soon-to-be son-in-law?

I knew I would have a wonderful life with Brian, but even as a bride dreams of what will come, she has no way of seeing the abundance of blessings that will be hers.  Our life together hasn't always been without a few thorns amidst the roses, but it has surpassed anything that may have been in my wildest dreams.

The best things that have happened to us in the past 27 years?  Jackie Layne, Robert Brent, Erica Anne, Miranda Lee, Josalyn Elizabeth, Evelyn Rebecca, and Derek Mark.

We love you.  You are the greatest jewels in our crowns.


5Youngers said...

What a sweet post. Today is my two boys Birthdays. Happy Anniversary and congrats on 27 years!

Kim said...

I should've listened to your warning dang it! I believe I should avoid anything that induces tears over the next few days. Happy Anniversary!!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!!