Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Protecting my Mojo

"If your mojo is working, you lead a charmed life. That's because mojo, in its original sense, is a charm, kept in a cloth bag. Depending on which conjure doctor you go to, the charm can be roots, rats, snakes, lizards, pumpkin seeds, dirt, clay, or steel wool. "

That's what I learned by seeking its definition on the internet.  I also learned it is the source of one's personal magnetism, sex appeal, or merely good luck, power, or heightened performance in your choice of activity.  Apparently it is something worth holding onto if one has the good fortune of finding oneself with said "mojo".

How is your mojo?  Are you protecting it?  Keeping it safe so as not to lose its power?

Yesterday I worked very hard not to lose my mojo.  Several times I very nearly lost it over the edge, hanging in the precarious balance between safety and a watery demise.  When it was at risk of a stream, or a marsh, or a pond, I used whatever means necessary to keep it safe, or at times, to rescue it, including sacrificing the clean knees of my white capris by kneeling in the grass to retrieve it out of a fast-running creek.

I was also playing perhaps my best round of golf ever, which I was attributing to the acquisition of my mojo.

Where did I find my mojo?  Some poor sap lost it by the wayside and I happened to stumble upon it.  His loss.  My gain.  ;-)


Laura said...

Funny! I'm always trying to hold on to positive mojo - sometimes it's hard! :-)

Kim said...

I think holding onto whatever your mojo may be, as it is different for every individual, is pretty important!! And I also love to golf with my mojo balls, even though I occasionally lose them too. If the one you found had a different font for the mojo, I might've suspected you found mine!