Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keeping up with Robert

Mr. Energy!  That's what my son is.  I marvel at all the things he manages to fit into his life.  And rather than stressing about his full schedule, he seems to be thriving on it.  On our recent trip to visit, we were fortunate to be spectators of his wonderful life.

He coaches one of the golf teams at BYU-I, which includes participating as a golfer.  There was a tournament while we were there, and despite the Rexburg wind, we joined the gallery and followed him around.  And we weren't the only ones.  He has a regular entourage that supports him faithfully.

The following day we got up early to send him off on another of his activities, the Teton Dam Marathon.

Yet again, his faithful little family was there, bright and early, to cheer on their favorite fellow.

While I can't be there all the time to support my favorite son, I am so thankful that others who love him are cheering him on, encouraging him to thrive and succeed, not just in extracurricular activities, but in that race called life.

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Laura said...

What a cute little family they are!