Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When is it time to say "When"?  When has a person hit their limit?  When are too many hobbies simply too many?  Can a person have too many hobbies?  I wonder.

I have spent my life dabbling in a wide variety of pastimes.  Few are active, physically demanding ones.  Most are creative, cerebral or require the use of my hands.  Throughout the years, I have jumped from one to the next quite frequently.  Sometimes my habit of moving on without staying and seeing it through to mastery has been a bit of a frustration.  But then I reconcile it by thinking I would rather know how to do many things than just to have mastery of a few.  In hindsight, I think I made the right choice for me.  I love to try new things. But I can't say I am master of much.

Recently, I began to second guess myself on taking on even more new hobbies, especially with the proverb about old dogs and new tricks looming in my mind.  Is enough enough?  I was counseled that  "YES! some additional hobbies are just what you want."  And I was encouraged to " Have fun on the adventure and path to self actualization and understanding."

I'm still not sure.  Maybe my old age is the time to master many of the tried and true hobbies of my past, not to take on more new exploits.

Hmmmmmm....I wonder what Grandma Moses would tell me.


Nancy said...

If this is your only vice.....I say go for it. No regrets later in life wishing you had of tried something new. In this case, more is better ;)

Larry said...

Did Imelda Marcos have " Too Many Shoes"?

Kim said...

Regrets are never fun ~ try away!!!

5Youngers said...

Trying new things is such a GREAT experience. I say go for it!

Laura said...

I think she'd say "absolutely go for it!"
I can't wait to hear about these new things you'll be trying!

neffie said...

Grandma Moses would tell you "Life is what you make of it and always has been." or something like that... i'm too lazy to go read my plaque that I have.

So if you're think you're too old to learn something new then you are. But if you think "I'm not dead I can learn and do as much as I want" Then you will have no problem learning a new thing. Obviously you won't learn it right away, but you're not afraid of hard work, right?

neffie said...

I wish I could add to my comment without posting a new comment... but I thought I should add something else.

I too want to learn a lot and don't end up mastering anything. And I too have moments where I wished I would stop switching and become a master of something. Then I realized, if I mastered one thing I wouldn't know how to do all the other stuff that I know how to do. So I tell myself, I'm mastering the art of being a "jack of all trades" :-)