Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expectations Met!

Sometimes I wonder if I set my expectations too high.  Often I do.  But our recent Springbreak holiday, one in which I had placed tremendous expectations, far surpassed and exceeded any of my preconceived hopes.  Simply put, we had a wonderful time.

We decided to perpetuate a tradition of family pictures at the ocean in matching Nike shirts. The first took place at Thanksgiving of 2008.  We all know from where our bread gets buttered; and it is kind of fun to give a nod as we recognize we are part of the Nike family.
But I digress...  Springbreak of 2010 was a rousing success with just the right balance of structured and unstructured activity.  Never did I feel that we were "on top of each other," nor beginning to get on each other's nerves.  There was plenty for everyone to do, including plenty of nothing when that was our preference.

The boys were able to play golf twice; first at Salishan at Glen Eden Beach, and also our home course at Creekside Golf Club in Salem. 

I helped the girls make seashore memory boxes with matching accordion photo albums while we were at the beach.  When we were back in Salem, I took them to Brian's sewing factory and taught them to make aprons on the commerical sewing machines. 

We played games, flew kites, played with bubbles, cooked and shared great meals, played hours of ping pong, walked along the beach, made carmel popcorn and rootbeer floats. Well, you get the idea. It was delightful in every way. And the best part? We are already planning to do it all again. The best memories are ones that inspire you to create traditions.

I already see this as the beginning of a tradition.


5Youngers said...

Looks like an amazing Springbreak!

Laura said...

All I can say is fun, fun, FUN!!
PS - I'd love to learn how to make accordion photo albums someday :-)

Kim said...

How fun! I love the pictures and the traditions!!

Nancy said...

It sounds like a wonderful Springbreak.....the pictures are fun and the baby looks so kissable!!!

Tara O said...

YAY...I am SO glad you guys had an awesome time! the boxed turned out GORGEOUS!

I almost cried though....looking at your 5 kids and wondering if my kiddos would come to visit....and then wow, they have to be BIG to come visit mom...ummm, nope want the time to go more slowly....Emily is still a baby (at 5).