Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Those Rolls

According to the back of the mix box: "if you mention the Lion House rolls to those who know, the first words out of their mouths will likely be, 'Oh, those rolls!'"

Yesterday I drove all the way to Portland for one errand.  I went to the Deseret Book store, then turned around and drove right back home.  Ordinarily I would probably have made a stop at the Temple, or Bridgeport Mall, or perhaps the Woodburn Outlets.  No time.  I had  to pick up some Marvin Goldstein books for Sunday,  then hurry home to fix dinner for the missionaries along with some guests they were bringing. 

As I was standing in line at the book store, my eye was drawn to a display of boxes amidst the books.  They were mixes for the famous Lion House dinner rolls.  Well, first it startled me to see food in the store, then it piqued my curiosity.  I thought to myself, "Why not?" and picked up a few to take home.

I decided to try them out on my dinner guests that evening.  So I ignored the directions and threw the whole thing into my breadmaker and put it on the dough setting.  Worked great, and no sticky fingers nor mess on my counter.
After the dough had raised, I then followed their directions for forming the classic rolls.  Pretty easy, too.  I could see this had promise.  So far, nothing too difficult.  But the true test would be how they baked and how they tasted.  Would I truly be able to get away with serving what only looked like I had been baking all day?

One of my biggest weaknesses is for fresh, homebaked goodies, and these were delicious.  They certainly passed the test; very easy to make with the appearance, aroma and taste of homemade.

  In hindsight, I would have baked them a little longer.  I thought their golden brown looked fine and pulled them out at the fifteen minute mark.  They are exactly like Jackie would have liked; still a little too soft for me.
Fortunately, I bought their 3 for $10 deal, so I get to try them again.  And even if no one else makes that promised declaration, I believe I might be heard to say, "Oh, those rolls!"


5Youngers said...

"Oh,those rolls" look delish!! ;-)

Laura said...

I ditto Sarah! They look absolutely delicious!!

Nancy said...

I've had them at the Lion House in Salt Lake, I think they were the best rolls I've ever eaten!! I, too, have a weakness for baked goods. I tried bringing some rolls back on the plane, they made it but were a little squashed, but still tasted sooo GOOD!!!!

Kim said...

Mmmmm!!!! Heavenly!!