Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Price to be Paid

I have been frustrated.  It is not a new frustration.  It is very familiar, like an old pair of shoes.  Yet it is ill-fitting.  It often makes me wonder why I put up with it; why I don't cast it off, like an old pair of shoes.

I live in Oregon.  The beautiful part of Oregon.  The Willamette Valley.  As the historians remind us, it is the Garden of Eden at the end of the Oregon Trail.  This is where those early pioneers decided to end their journey and stay because it is such a beautiful place. I doubt they arrived in April though.  I have a love/hate relationship with the month of April. Having endured the long rainy months of Winter, resigning myself to that fact of life, I start getting a little antsy for a change. Then Spring comes, and things start bursting forth with new life, and color, and freshness.  BUT, the weather is often so lousy that it is impossible to enjoy the new life, and color, and freshness.  And simply looking out from a window does not count.

I braved the elements this morning and took my camera out into the muck.  I wanted to have reminders for myself of how beautiful this place is, how much promise April holds.  And when an Oregonian becomes afraid to get a little wet, she has no business being an Oregonian. 
I was happy to see there were still a few blossoms left on the cherry tree after the violent winds we have been having.

One of my new little lemon trees has not fared as well.  This may be the tenth time it has fallen victim to the wind.  We simply haven't found a break in the weather to get it planted in something more substantial.

I was able to get my flowers planted, though.  I only got rained on planting the last three.

The clematis is almost ready to pop out.

Despite my frustration, and sometimes harsh words about the Oregon weather, it would take an awful lot to convince me to move away.  I do live in a beautiful place.  And most of the time, I am willing to pay the price to live here.  Just not during April.


Sara said...

I understand fully. I have lived here my whole life, and yet sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else. I do treasure the moments in the spring when I get to go out and enjoy it. Thanks for Sharing! I love the photos!

Kim said...

I love Spring and don't mind a little rain here and there, but several consecutive days of rain does get a little old especially when you're trying to plant or in our case, postponing a trip to the tulip festival. There are two things I love about April though ~ one is that the lilacs bloom and two that it's my birthday month. It's the anticipation of the amazing fragrance of the lilacs which usually bloom right around my birthday that gets me through this month. I'm so glad you ventured outside and got out of your comfort zone a little! Your pictures are beautiful!

Nancy said...

We have lived all over, literally! This part of Oregon is one of the most beautiful places there is. Without all the rain, it might not be so green and pretty. I'll put a good word in for you to have a break long enough to plant that lemon tree!! I see lemonade in your future!!

Missus Wookie said...

As a good friend commented recently, 'its part of the price we pay for a green and pleasant land'. Although like you I get tired of the wind/rain/mud and would like some more sun. But this weekend has been mostly dry hurrah.

Laura said...

I concur!! I'd love it to rain only at night when I'm sleeping and have the days be sunny. And, in winter, I'd like it to snow just on the lawns so the sidewalks and streets stay clear :-)