Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things

When my friend, Derek, was home for Spring break, he enlisted my help with a project he was working on.  He wanted to make some inspirational plaques with a saying that was important to him.  He asked if I could make a stencil for him.  Impressed with his determination, I agreed to help.  Without too much trouble I cut a stencil for him and with the remaining letters, I made my own inspirational project.  It holds a great reminder for anyone; I have particularly appreciated its wisdom recently.
Life is fraught with hard things that we can choose to confront, or to avoid, to ignore, to hide from, to deny.  From my experience, usually if one tries to ignore difficulties they almost certainly escalate to even greater challenges.  How reassuring it is to discover the ability in oneself to be able to "do hard things."  And we do!  We go through life accomplishing great tasks that should arm us for the next one that comes along.  Why then, does our confidence often wax cold?  Why do we begin doubting ourselves when our history shows that we can rise to formidable occasions?

Perhaps I am the only one that faces life this way, but I think I really am in good company. I hope it is a universal tendency and that I am not the only one that lives doubting my own abilities and fearing the challenges waiting down the road.

With this reminder that 'I can do hard things' firmly in my mind, I am determined to move forward, to conquer the challenges that lie before me, and most importantly, those that lie within me.

I am thankful for a circle of supporters, my loving family and my caring friends.  A dear friend from my youth recently reminded me that it is within difficulties that opportunities arise.  I am going to be looking for those opportunities.  I am going to find the strength within myself that I know is there; it has been proven by the past, and it will not let me down now.  Often the true test lies in the leap of faith.


Nancy said...

This is a great reminder for everyone & you are not alone in this area. I love your wisdom, it keeps me thinking.

Kim said...

Thanks for the inspiration! And you're definitely not alone ~ I'm a huge doubter.