Monday, February 7, 2011

Struggling with my Lifestyle Change

I refuse to use the "D" word.  I swore that I would never, never, never again go on one of the "D" words.  Instead, Brian and I have adopted a new Lifestyle Change. Hmmmmph.

I tell myself to avoid the scale.  I tell myself that no good can come of it.  I tell myself, instead, 'Oh, look how loosely my jeans are beginning to fit!'  'See how much better I feel?'  'I don't feel deprived at all!'


This morning a sweet friend dropped by to return some sheet music she had borrowed.  As a gesture of thanks, the music was accompanied by a lovely plate of valentine cookies, the real deal, homemade with pink icing and assorted candy garnishments.

They have been sitting on top of the piano all day.  I have walked past them a time or two.  I sat down to play a song and pretended not to notice they were there.

Sometimes I wonder why each person seems to have their own personal temptations, or weaknesses.  I have no desire to smoke a cigarette.  I don't even know what beer tastes like.  But, put a plate of homemade cookies in front of me and I become weak in the knees.  My mouth waters.  All voices of reason and good sense go out the window.

To my credit, the plate remains untouched.  I haven't broken off a corner, pried off a red hot, nor tasted a speck of frosting.



Derek Young said...

You're a strong woman. Laura sent us some cookies and Erica and I ate them all that same day.

Larry said...

The scale is my friend. The P/L is my friend. Knowing where I'm going is my friend. The D word... as in determination, destiny, dedication, discipline...and my favorite declaration. It's a lifestyle, not an event.

neffie said...

You're much better than me - that plate would be gone already. LOL

Laura said...

I admire your willpower!
PS - I think you look fantastic!