Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give Me an Unlikely Hero Anyday

My husband and I have settled into a very comfortable routine.  Our children are all in college, hundreds of miles away; he is no longer working extra hours as a lay-clergyman.  It's just the two of us.  Did you hear my sigh?  It was a good sigh....

We are enjoying nightly home-cooked, healthy meals, a generous time given to reading the scriptures together, and then we settle into our pre-selected favorite spots.  He takes the chair with an ottoman for his feet.  We no longer have to elevate his legs due to blood clot swelling and pain (most of the time).  So that progress has been encouraging.  I am on the couch with two pillows and my favorite blanket.  If it is a particularly chilly evening I might grab the leopard snuggie that my son-in-law gave me.

We are quite the picture, I would guess. 

Then comes the fun part.  Each night we have a pre-selected show that we enjoy.  Sunday evening has been "Worst Cooks in America".  But we just watched the finale, so I guess Sundays are open again.

Monday night is a "Chuck" night, and we DVR "Hawaii Five-O" to be watched another time because I can't stay up that late. 

Tuesdays are nothing without some "White Collar".  Love that.  And then I try to sit through "NCIS", but often the blood and the gore drive me away to some other activity.

Wednesdays are "Top Chef" nights, with some "American Idol" thrown in when available.

Thursdays we watch more Idol.

But easily the highlight of the week is Friday's offering, the only show that I get so excited about when I settle in with my blanket on the couch:  "Merlin!"  I love it.  There is something about its combination of likeable and hateable characters, beautiful scenery, lovely music, and compelling storyline.  Having always been a fan of Arthurian Legend, this brings familiar names to life and invites cheering for the good guys and booing the bad ones.  Merlin is delightful as the gawky, awkward humble servant to Prince Arthur who, with an undeniable good heart, must always quietly save the day, never getting credit for his heroism.  And who doesn't swoon over the Arthur/Guinevere chemistry?  Ah! This is good television.

Merlin Photo Albums - Merlin TV Show

Saturdays are open.  That is the time we will often go out to a movie, or go to dinner with friends. 

I am thoroughly enjoying these quiet evenings with my husband.  I look forward every day to spending time with him. It may not sound like an exciting life to most of you, but how delightful it is to have a husband who works hard during the day so that we might have such a lovely peaceful home to relax in.  I have always had a thing for unlikely heroes.

And we are just waiting patiently to add "Psych" back into the line up.... ;-)


Laura said...

What an awesome routine. We will have to check out Merlin, thanks for the recommendation.

Unknown said...

Merlin is one of our favorites as well. Enjoy!

Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Sounds like I need to check out Merlin! And can I recommend Castle? The word play, jokes, and tension without serious gore are a great combination. :)

I love your routine too. When my sweetheart is home from work we have a similar routine, and I love it. Friday nights include ice cream. I joke that we act like 70+ year olds with our routine... but it's a sweet comfort.

sulekkha said...

"I have always had a thing for unlikely heroes.", I love your life and this line. I am waiting for my golden time to begin in a couple of years . Great post, Ardith.

Unknown said...

I love the food network - i get hooked on it forever. not so much the challenges but the all the other shows. Merlin is on my list now - thanks! guess what Ardith, my husband has the same swelling blood clot problem as well : (. Love your routine though - what a cozy life...

neffie said...

I LOVE Merlin. I just recently discovered along with Dr. Who because it came on before Dr. Who. I love the different take of telling the story we all know. And Merlin is so adorable! (And when I saw him in a Dr. WHo ep I yelled "It's Merlin!")

I concur with the Castle comment - the word play is amazing. I love that show.

I think you guys have a glorious routine.