Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Impactful Are We?

We never really know, do we?  Oh, that we could see the concentric circles expanding ever outward from the things we say and the things we do, like the proverbial ripples in our proverbial ponds.

Hence lies a great responsibility in choosing well our words and our actions. 

And perhaps we never quite grasp the scope or dimensions of our own pond.  We used to talk of villages that raise a child.  I believe that 'village' no longer adequately describes the bounds of our potential influence.  Like it or not, we have become world citizens, interacting and rubbing cyber shoulders with neighbors from the far reaches of places we will probably never venture to.

It is important to remember that our concentric circles of influence are affected by those of others.  The song we sing is changed by its encounter with other voices.  Does it become better with the harmony of additional perspective, or does the discord of aggressive argument result in painful dissonance?

I have realized that even in the little world of Ardith's Quest I have a responsibility in what I share.  There is a reason that I feel the way I do about things.  Am I bold enough to express my testimony of  those important things?  Am I courageous enough to try and explain how I have come to those conclusions?

As a disciple of Jesus Christ I am called to the work of sharing His great mission, and helping to build His Kingdom upon the earth.
I may be but one small voice in the huge interchange of dialogue and information.

And yet, out of small things can proceed that which is great....


Larry said...

No man or woman is an island, roughly paraphrasing John Donne. And all therein contained.

Ardith Haws said...

Perhaps, Larry then you would be interested in reading this post from last summer.

Kayli Sue said...

It's definitely true. To often I find myself living like I am looking in a mirror and all I can see is me and the people closest to me but our influence goes well beyond that.

Laura said...

You are so right. I get so caught up in my daily hub-bub that I forget it goes beyond being nice and friendly to the cashier. Planning with a purpose and being willing to use your voice can be powerful.

Kim said...

I often, admittedly so, get caught in the "my pebble didn't create any ripples" game or worrying about something or other. It's a very unproductive game. I think we have no idea how far reaching influence can be, though facebook has helped many realize their circle of influence. Many people who knew me growing up still want to be my friend and talk to me....haha....so I must've done something right.

Larry said...

Start throwing boulders........ ;)