Sunday, February 13, 2011

Horton, Can You Hear Me?

Who doesn't know Dr. Suess?  And who doesn't know his classic story Horton Hears a Who?  I remember being enchanted by it as a child, with its magical language and its compelling situation and its friendly pictures.

I actually had this book called to mind today, and it wasn't for any of those reasons.  I was passing some time reading assorted blogs and facebook statuses, trying to come to know my friends better.  Then it occurred to me how similarly we are all "Whos" of a sort, microscopic beings perched precariously atop a precarious world.
For one reason or another, most of us have something within us that compels us to be heard.  And I am convinced that it isn't vanity that compels us.  It isn't pride in what we have to say.  Though the odds of our little voices being heard are so small, there is still the drive, the energy, the desire to share what is in our hearts. It is part of our social need as human beings.

When I was a child I remember trying to come to understand my place in the Universe.  I tried to grasp the "centerness" that I felt in my mind, in contrast to the evidence I saw all around me of my nothingness.  I was so small.  I was insignificant compared to the stars and planets that filled the skys.  Why then did I feel that I was somebody?

Who was I that God was aware of me and my little thoughts?  For I certainly felt that way. 

The enemy of God would have me feel like a nobody.  In his petty, dreary existence, I would be as hopeless and full of despair as he is.

If I can do nothing else, I have a desire to spread a little encouragement today.  Send your voice out into the world.  What you think matters; maybe not to everyone, maybe not to many, but whatever you have to say needs to be heard by someone.  It is the proof that you are here.  It is the symbol of your life.

I may be only one small voice but as a daughter of God, I know that what I think and what I feel and ultimately what those things lead me to say proves my validity.  What I say proves that my soul is made up of this mortal body and this immortal spirit.  And I am here on this earth for a reason.  And the Lord gave me a mind to be used. 

And I intend to use it.

I hope someone can hear me.....


Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Scott asked me why I Facebook, the other day. After a lot of thought, I told him it is because I can say something, and get a response. It's a validity that someone hears me. And then the rest of my time, I respond to others, so that THEY know that I hear them. Because they matter!

I hear you. It's actually why I like you so well. I've been hearing you ever since I was impressionable. :) Thank you for always having good to say. It led to good.

Roy Durham said...

well put and i hear you . you are right to say and be heard, it is the gift that god gave us to share. thank you lord and you ardith for that gift sheared. god bless

Laura said...

I hear you! And I look forward to hearing you :-)