Friday, February 18, 2011

But Is It Sustainable?

Ay-yi-yi!  Everywhere we go, it seems, we are being bombarded with the sustainability issue.  Is our food sustainable?  Is our energy sustainable?  Is our fashion sustainable?  Really?  Why now?  Why, after thousands of years into the earth's history, is this becoming so politically correct now?

I found the official definition of "Sustainability".  It is this:  "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  This definition was created in 1987 at the World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission). It is enshrined in the Swiss federal constitution. It is similar to the "seventh generation" philosophy of the Native American Iroquois Confederacy, mandating that chiefs always consider the effects of their actions on their descendants seven generations in the future."  Found here.

Now I don't want to sound uncaring, nor irresponsible but I just have to wonder if it isn't all just too little too late.  Is our generation really capable of undoing all the effects of the careless living done up to this point?  Or is it really just license for industries to raise prices along with raising awareness?

I wish I was one that felt it was my calling to save the world.  I wish I felt my voice could be heard amidst the chaos.  I don't.  What I do feel as a calling is to protect and preserve my family and my own little corner of the world; to live cleanly and in good health, to nourish my body with real food, not imitation nor manufactured; to be conscientious of my carbon footprint, but not to let it inhibit going where I want to go, nor how often I go there.

So when I think of sustainability, do I obsess about farming or fishing practices, or fabric industry practices, etc. etc?  Honestly, not much.

I do think about lifestyle changes and their sustainability.  I do think about nurturing new habits and my ability to grow them strong enough to weather the storms of carelessness, boredom, and apathy.  Our lives naturally have an ebb and flow, with naturally occurring highs and lows.  Will my goals be able to endure the low points when my energy wanes and my enthusiasm takes a vacation?

My desire is to make long-range goals and achieve them; to look forward to the future and the livability of earth for my posterity.  I believe the best way for me to help my future generations is to establish firm foundations of faith, love, prosperity and responsibility.  If each of us thinks in terms of making the world a better place, not just by our energy choices nor our food choices, or whether or not we wear polyester or cotton clothing, then we can feel good about our efforts, which then are about improvement and not just about sustaining the status quo.

Are we teaching the values we know and believe in?  Are we supporting the wholesome and uplifting arts and literature that enlighten and beautify the world?  Are we encouraging our children to develop their talents and become productive hard-working citizens of the global community?

I just want to make improvements in my life, and then sustain them.  For more than a day, more than a week, more than a year.

I claim the responsibility to worry about my own progress.  I will let you worry about yours.

Getting off my soapbox now....  It's too precarious for me.


neffie said...

Well said. I liked your soap box and I agree. I think so many people are jumping on this bandwagon because it's the "newest thing."

sulekkha said...

Ardith, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and agree with you about establishing firm foundations of faith, love, prosperity and responsibility for helping the future generations.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Ardith. I think the values of faith, love, and the like are very important to help future generations. But our natural resources are not infinite, one day we will run out. This is something that is not new but talked about for years. Now, we are seeing the consequences of not wanting to change our lifestyle. If it's too little too late, then what kind of world will our great great grandchildren live in? Just some thoughts.

Keep writing, Ardith. You always bring up interesting issues.

Roy Durham said...

GET back up there on the box!! Sustainability means to stay put, no change in the Statius queue, no growth, just maintain the way thing are. We need to shore up and strengthen the foundations of faith, love, responsibly, and family; Building a new and better tomorrow. I am for continual process improvement. Thank you for the great soap box post but keep on soap boxing this is not the end of round one get in there and fight as life depends on it. God bless

Larry said...

Mankind's mind was created by the Supreme Creator to think in abundance not scarcity and to bring that about in the physical realm. "..there is enough and to spare". Scarcity it seems is wielded as a sword of control at the same time lining the pocket of that same elitist.

Laura said...

I liked your soap box! Carry on, carry on...