Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best Money We Ever Spent

I know, I know.  There may be some of you that think spending money on elaborate vacations is a big waste.  And it may seem that a family that regularly plans trips to Disney is frivolous, extravagant, and foolish.

I am here to prove otherwise.  On the other hand, I feel no need to prove anything.  Think what you like.
This is a special scrapbook that is exclusively for something special that my family began a few years ago.

If you can't read the handwriting on the note, this is what it says:
"We were blessed to be able to purchase a membership that will result in great trips for the next 48 years."
This is the title page for the scrapbook in which I intend to chronicle all our great trips for the next 48 years.
Each trip will get one page to record who enjoyed the trip and where they went.
Our first trip using the Disney Vacation Club was in 2006 while Robert was on his mission.  Brian and I took the girls to Disney World for Thanksgiving.  What a wonderful, memorable time.  We decided we could get used to this.  The accomodations were beautiful and the access to the parks was very easy.
The following year we needed to show Robert what this marvel was all about and we returned to Disney World for the week falling between Christmas and New Years.  It was not a handful of days after this trip that he met his lovely Josalyn in Idaho.
We were happy to contribute our DVC points the next year for a Honeymoon Cruise for Robert and Josalyn. They sailed out of California for a week along the Mexican Riviera.  How fun to be able to offer them such a memorable beginning for their lives together.
2009 found us all together in Florida for the Christmas Holidays, including a few additions to our family. We seem to be growing.  We spent time at Vero Beach as well as Disney World. There is a glare on my photos that is distorting the images.  Sorry about that.
After the Wedding Extravaganza of the Summer of 2010, Erica and Derek slipped away quietly for a cruise to the Caribbean for their Honeymoon.  Again, Disney Vacation Club Points saved the day.  All my money had been spent on the wedding so I was thankful to have this alternative method to pay for a great trip.

When we joined the Disney Vacation Club, we were told that it would take about seven years to reclaim the value of our investment.  In looking back over the past amazing five years worth of "Trips of a Lifetime", I believe we have regained our investment already.  And guess what?  We have 43 more years to enjoy the same caliber of vacations.

Hmmmmm.....Where shall we go next?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these memories with us. From your post and these pictures it seems that what you care about most is the time spent with those you love, not the money spent. If I had a choice of spending time with my family, let's say, on a tropical island or Hoboken, NJ, I'd go to the island. :-)

neffie said...

What great memories to have! (and future memories!)

Laura said...

That is so cool! Experiences are the best memories. How awesome you have Disney memories that keep on giving.

Nancy said...

This sounds like one of the best investments in family and memories that anyone could ever get! Very smart of you two to see ahead to all the fun for family and those sweet grand babies that will be coming throughout the years.

Kim said...

Anyone who thinks Disney vacations are silly has either not acknowledged their inner child or has never seen the magic in a child's eye when you walk through the park gates. Heck...they haven't seen the magic in MY eyes ;-)

Jessica M said...

That is such a cool thing! I never knew such memberships were available. There is no price tag for memories... taking the time each year to reconnect and bond with one another is not is an investment in preserving your family. So many families get fragmented and disconnected with one another through time, especially as children get older. I think your yearly family trips is a gift and a blessing for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! :)

Unknown said...

Sheer Fun - what a lovely post Ardith! Loved it!

Debra said...

Hi Ardith,
What a great investment in family memories and unforgettable moments...

mirandahaws said...

I have a suggestion where to next . . .