Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is it about...

the Oregon Coast?  What is its power that continually draws us to it?
It is completely different from the wiles of a warm beach, like the California, Florida, Hawaii, Mexican, and Caribbean coasts.  The water is so cold that even in the middle of summer I don't stick in so much as a big toe!  In fact the few brave souls that try to surf off the Oregon Coast must do so in full body dry suits.

Oregonians must be a little bit crazy.  And how many times have we found ourselves huddled in jackets and blankets just so we can stay out on the beach just a little bit longer?

And yet we do.

There is something magical in its raw, untouched beauty.  It is like our own best kept secret.
 The tourists flock here, but in manageable numbers and mostly during the summer months, completely missing its most charming winter months.  And the weather is often better at the coast than an hour's drive away in the valley.

As of late, I have felt the pull of the Oregon Coast even stronger than usual.

It seems to be calling my name, like a siren's song.

I am finding that this is where I want to be. Maybe this is where I will resume my painting hobby, or where I will write a book, or where I will gather my family around me to lavish them with my love.  I envision myself as the eccentric old lady that  goes to the seashore to find solace, to find inspiration, to find peace.

I guess I am going to have to find me one of those funny hats...


Derek Young said...

I am the first person to comment on this post. I feel honored. Here I go.

I love the beach too! :-)

Laura said...

I love the second to last photo!
I feel the same way about the beach and always feel so good when I return.

neffie said...

I absolutely love the photo with the sun shining through the trees. I love the beach. It's so relaxing there and I'd take our coast any day over the warm beaches. (Ours is much prettier.)

Well if you want to write a book you can start now, after all it's National Novel Writing Month ;-)