Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old Lady and the Sea

Journal entry No. 1

I spent my first night in our new beach house.  And it happened to be a night that saw 90 mph wind gusts and torrential rain that beat at the windows most of the night.  There is an interesting conflict  that comes when one feels the security of being safely inside and warm and protected from the elements, and yet the vulnerability of wondering if the windows will hold against the gale force winds.  Brian and I chose to remain upstairs in our room that has the best view, being surrounded on three sides by windows that look out to the mighty ocean.  The constant pounding of the rain was a small sacrifice to be able to wake up this morning and enjoy the overwhelming view from the comfort and warmth of my bed.  My girls had other ideas; they abandoned their upstairs room to go down to the most tucked away, inside bedroom to escape the disruptive rhythm of the pouring rain.

When I arrived yesterday afternoon to join the rest of my family that had already been enjoying their stay, I found a small gift on my pillow that was accompanied by the most lovely card and handwritten message from my husband.  I hope he doesn't mind if I share his sweet words:

"My dear wife,
I hope you find absolute joy in your new home.  I think it is a special place.  I look forward to years of gathering our growing family.  And I look forward to quiet time with you.  I love you and I am happy that we have a chance to sit side by side on the edge of land and see all the wonders that are here."

Sitting side by side on the edge of land.  Beautiful.  He can be quite poetic without really trying.

I think this will be an important place for me, both as a gathering place and a place of solitude.  I hope that I never fail to marvel at the beauty of the ocean.  I hope that I wake up each morning that I am able to be here, and watch the waves with the same sense of wonder that I did this morning.

Meanwhile, I intend to acclimate myself to the place over the next few days.  I brought a couple of projects to work on, and I have an intriguing book.  Maybe I will venture out to stroll the little shops in between storms.  Then again, maybe not.  There will always be next time...


Nancy said...

The coast is great during storms BUT 90 mph gusts is a little overkill. What a nice place to have as a get away that you can share with one another!

Derek Young said...

I loved this post. I'm going to post up the pictures that I took while I was there soon.

Laura said...

What a romantic he is! I'm looking forward to seeing Derek's photos!