Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go Team D'eRica!

That's what we affectionately call Erica and her good friend, Derek.

In the wee, small hours this morning, I heard them downstairs having breakfast and preparing to participate in their very first Half Marathon.  They had consulted the internet to find the best food to eat before long-distance running.  They were dressed in high tech running gear, most of it provided by Erica's generous dad.  They had been training for months.  Today was the day!

The event was in Eugene, and we made arrangement to meet them down there later in the morning.

It was so much fun to wait for them at the finish line.  The energy and excitement was palpable.  I wished that I wasn't there just as a spectator.  I thought it looked like so much fun to be a participant. 
It was a gorgeous day, down by the river in Eugene.  What had started out in Salem as a cold and rainy day, turned out to be perfect running weather.  Here they come!
I was so proud of them.  This was a huge achievement.
Obviously, I was not the only proud parent.
Way to go, you two.  There is nothing like setting a difficult goal and finding a way to make it happen.  And I knew that you would take good care of each other.  What a blessing to have someone by your side that's always got your back.


Kim said...

I see them out running all the time ~ it's nice to reach a goal!

Laura said...

I'm so glad that you got photos of the run!

neffie said...

haha! I've referred to them as derica too!

I'm glad you got pictures of them too.

5Youngers said...

Such cute "friends"! Great pictures!