Friday, November 20, 2009

The Bubble has Popped...

and I am back home again, surrounded by suitcases that need unpacking, a pile of mail that needs attention, a refrigerator that needs to be restocked, hampers that are overflowing...well, you get the picture.

It seems like forever ago that I was here, sitting at home, at my family's beck and call.  That part of being home I actually don't mind at all.  Wish I could say the same about that other nonsense. No, no, no.  I'm just kidding.  I have actually been reminded recently that I am the woman who loves her life, and isn't there great power just in saying that out loud?  I dare you; try it! 

And it is particularly appropriate at this time of year, to pause for a few moments and reflect upon the abundance of blessings we have received, and that indeed there are so many reasons to love one's life, both the great stuff as well as the challenges.

I have had several inquiries about my "pet" seagull, and whether or not I actually gave in and fed the silly bird.

He (or she) and I became quite well acquainted during my stay at the beach.  He made his presence known everyday, several times a day, for the week that I was there.

I was surprised by his tenacity.  He never gave up hope that the grumpy lady would give in and throw him a crust of bread.  And I wrestled with my dilemma every time he would come knocking at my door, literally banging his beak on the window.  I worried that he was starving because instead of foraging with the rest of the birds, he was pinning all his hopes and energy on me.

The most difficult times would be when he seemed to be looking me straight in the eye, challenging me, summoning my charity, compelling me to give in to softest part of my heart.

He perched on the driveway this morning as I was driving away.  As I looked back I wondered if I would see him again; when I return next week for Thanksgiving, will he still be there, waiting for a handout, waiting for the pretty, generous girl instead of the grumpy old lady?

I guess we will see...

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Laura said...

I can't wait to hear if he's still there! So funny!