Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Tis the Business of Little Minds to Shrink

Sometimes I pick up a pen to learn.  Sometimes I have no idea what I plan to write, but I have confidence that the juices will begin to flow as I take a leap of faith.  What follows is what spilled out today:

I had some rather disappointing news yesterday.  Yet again, a publisher returned my manuscript, uninterested.  Discouraged?  Yes.  The end of the world?  No.  Do I still have options?  Yes.  Does it take a little courage to pick myself up, dust myself off, and begin again?  Most certainly.

I still believe in my project.  I still believe it has something to offer the reader that wants to reaffirm and solidify his scripture study habit.  Is it fresh, original, and cutting edge?  Perhaps not, but then again, what eternal truths are fresh, original, and cutting edge?

My book is built upon a foundation of important scriptures and quotes from modern prophets about the importance of reading The Book of Mormon, and of valuing this amazing, miraculous gift that has been written, preserved, and brought forth for our learning by the hand of the Lord.  It is interspersed with my own personal experiences as I challenged myself to improve my own study.  It is filled with testimony of the surety of God's blessings upon those that are diligent.  It is meant to be encouraging, inspiring, and to get the reader into the scriptures with both feet.

I felt directed to write about my experience, knowing that there must surely be others who weren't making as valiant an effort as they could be either.  It took courage to admit my shortcomings, but the resultant opening of my eyes, the increased appetite to feast at the Lord's table, and the rekindled love of gospel study had to be recorded, if nothing else than for my own posterity to know of my conviction.

I believe my journey has the power to strike a chord with someone else.  That was my motive.  And I still believe it is worth being published.

A friend posted a timely quote this morning.  It shot straight through my heart and gave me courage to continue on this path less traveled:  "’Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Oh, may my heart take courage and my mind not shrink.


Sara said...

It sounds great to me and like something I would love to read!

Ardith Haws said...

Oh, thank you Sara! That is just what I needed to hear. The whole process has been so uplifting and empowering. I need have no regrets. It was a blessing to feel the Lord guiding me.

Maili said...

You just haven't "met" the right publisher yet. Can't wait to read it!!!

Ardith Haws said...

Thanks for believing in me, Maili. It means a lot!

Laura said...

I agree with Maili, you just haven't found the right one. It.will.happen. There is no doubt in my mind. :-)

Kim said...

JK Rowling sent Harry Potter to several publishers before it was picked up....keep up the hope and you'll find the right publisher and venue to showcase your wonderful manuscript!

LeAnn said...

I love your writings and I can just imagine that you could write a very good book. Just keep sending it out to other publishers. I think the premise for the book is awesome. I love reading those kinds of books.
I love your picture and it would look great in a book. Blessings to you!