Friday, May 20, 2011

That We Might Have Joy

After all these years, I think I am finally beginning to understand.  Sure, we came to this earth to get a body.  Sure, we came to be tested and tried.  But how often do we forget that the greatest gift of a loving Father in Heaven is the opportunity to have joy.  Not just happiness, but pure joy.

I am also beginning to understand the source for that joy.  It doesn't lie in worldly things, in possessions, in the accumulation of "stuff". It doesn't lie in prestige nor accolades nor credit.  Rather, joy comes from humility; in taking responsibility for our own situations, in not placing blame, nor giving anyone the control of how we feel. It comes when we recognize that we are not the authority on anything, but that true light and knowledge comes from Christ if we are humble enough to seek after it.

Joy comes from the sacrifice of things that we thought would bring us joy.  It comes from feeling the love of our Savior as prayers are answered and comfort is given; in learning that we are stronger than we thought we were.

Photo Credit:  Brock.alli.Photography

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Laura said...

L.O.V.E. and amen!