Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Own Sweet Caroline

One of my favorite things about my mother has always been her name.  It is old-fashioned, yet chic at the same time; a classy name that sets her apart from the crowd. Unique and yet familiar.
Her life began in a tiny town in southeastern Idaho, a tomboy that grew up on a horse, who then began leading cheers for the Bancroft Cowboys and reigning as Rodeo Queen.  That small town girl has since become a world traveler, collecting friends and silver spoons, and leaving a trail of friendship wherever she goes. 
She caught the eye of a football star from Soda Springs, and two beautiful people began their life together.
Four daughters and one son rounded out their family, and Caroline devoted her energy and enthusiasm to providing fun and adventure and security and love.  Her efforts in making a happy home were rewarded with children that are devoted to their lovely mother.
Not afraid to tackle any challenge that came along, she maintained the status as the mother that could do anything.  She still holds that honor.
I feel so blessed to call you Mother.  You have taught me about life and love and motherhood.  You have taught me about service and kindness and excellence.
Thank you.  With all my heart.
Happy Mothers Day.


Kim said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day as well! Great post!

Nancy said...

The top picture looks like you, I thought it was you! I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Laura said...

What a beautiful post! She sounds amazing.