Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, We already know who wins.

No, history is not rewritten.  The astounding Triple Crown victory of the 70's is honestly depicted and anyone that is at least my age watched the true story unfold in real life.  Then why make a movie that everyone already knows how it will end?
Because it is one of the great stories of our day.  It is just plain exciting to cheer that beautiful horse on, already knowing that somehow he will find a way to move up from last place to first, because we all remember when he did.  It is inspiring to see someone have a dream and run the whole race to see it through; to not give up when the odds aren't in her favor, or when logic and reason would tell her to quit.

Life is full of naysayers, trying to bring us down, telling us it "can't be done."  I appreciate an uplifting family movie, one that is full of action and excitement, and yet is also full of hope reminding us that dreams are attainable.

Take your family to see "Secretariat: The Impossible True Story," from Walt Disney Pictures.  You will walk away smiling.  I promise.


Laura said...

I love walking away smiling from seeing a great movie. I will definitley watch this one! :-)

Kim said...

That's good to hear because I had said that exact thing to Jay...."we already know how it turns out," though he pointed out, we also knew how Titanic ended, yet we saw that.

It looks like a great movie ~ thanks for your stamp of approval! I'm more likely now to go :-)